The Heart Of Your Essay

I’m going to talk to you about writing good body paragraphs the body paragraphs are the heart your essay. they carry the message YES, the introduction is important yes the conclusion is important but those body paragraphs are very important. so what we’re going to talk about is what makes a good body paragraph and then we’re gonna look at examples a good body paragraph that are well developed. okay first good body paragraphs have a clear topic sentence with main points to support the topic sentence sometimes a body paragraph can have two main points and sometimes can have three main points either way there’s a topic sentence with two to three main points good body paragraphs have support an explanation for the main points this is very important we make points but then we explain the importance and significance of them.

We explain the importance and use connectors to make the paragraph feel together when I say connectors I’m talking about words like firstly, secondly, in addition, moreove. I’m talking about words like and, but, so — all words that connect our ideas. all right now let’s take a look at the basic format basic format is that a body paragraph has a very clear topic sentence  I like my topic sentences short sweet and to the point. very direct once we make our topic sentence then we come up with main idea warm and then we explain we support, we give details an explanation.

We will look at an example paragraph before we look at the example paragraph however you know these words for example are used when we give examples we use words like this means when we explain things when we show affects we use words like as a resul, or so when we show causes we use words like because when we show similarities use words like similarly this is similar to and sometimes we show differences special contrast we use words like in contrast or we say this is different  and the point here is that in order to develop our thoughts we need to give examples we need to explain what we mean we need to show affects maybe show causes if it’s appropriate show similarities when when it’s appropriate and we show differences but the idea is that we don’t make a statement without developing it so we’re going to do is we’re going to look at a paragraph about solar panels.

I wanna make sure you do know what solar panels are  and solar panels are these things that go on top of the roof of a house. group the people’s house and many people are using solar panels to people save a lot of electricity by using solar energy and to actually create their own small business so here’s a little bit a background about but the paragraph is going to be about now here’s a body paragraph and I’m telling you now it’s underdeveloped you can look at the word count its works but let’s look at what’s good about it for a second first you can see clear topic sentence putting solar panels in your home can help you save money so this whole paragraph is gonna be about solar panels in saving money.