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If I would be in your place I will write this topic postmodern Etta’s a challenge to the West this is a very very important topic post-modernism post-modernism is the latest philosophy and the latest criticism with challenges everything so far done by humanity everything so philosophy including modernism including enlightenment they’ve they say that everything is relative everything is social everything is individual nothing you cannot construct things deconstruction post-structuralism when you come to the philosophy a group you would understand these terms that the things can you cannot make structures. Find even more good topics for essay writing at Edusson.

You cannot say the whole of Pakistan you cannot say the whole Muslims whole Muslim Ummah you cannot say the whole Europe you cannot say the whole west ok you cannot say that we have reached to the end of history and there will be now clash of civilizations and there is no civilization you cannot say that everything you can group together know everything is relative everything is not absolute everything is that group is not struck is net construction it is deconstruction it is like you know we have metabolism so there is metabolism there is catabolism interest in herbalism so catabolism dis destroy everything D synthesize Asian analyzation you analyze things you destroy things and then you construct something new so post-modernism is a very interesting theory and Etta’s means Etta’s isn’t it just ethics it does is the spirit of a culture the spirit of a society the spirit of a country that is called a tha’s so postmodern Etta’s means the after modernity after modernization after modernism the latest trend in philosophy criticism literature art that is post-modernism which is challenged even to waste because waste was talking about modernism whist was talking about enlightenment whis was talking about secularism whiss whiss was talking about separation of church and state.

But now post-modernism challenges everything so even it is a challenge to West but this is not only current to west but also to East because wrist is influencing East that’s why post-modernism is not only challenge to the West but also to the east we will discuss more in this topic it’s a very deep topic and we will go we will discuss it in the philosophy in my lectures in philosophy look to the east for a holistic progress now holistic progress holistic holism holism means are together all-inclusive comprehensive everything including that is called holistic for example as I told you the stone era then religion then philosophy in science then spirituality then again you know some people even they want to go to Stone Age you will be astonished that in the development of society now the people they want bay Stone Age they want to go to jungles they want to eat and drink and they want you know nihilism there are a lot of philosophies nihilism animalism now the people they want to leave hid own ISM there is another philosophy hedonistic approach that we just are here for pleasure enjoy be in anyone and you might have seen in.