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If I would be in your place I will write this topic postmodern Etta’s a challenge to the West this is a very very important topic post-modernism post-modernism is the latest philosophy and the latest criticism with challenges everything so far done by humanity everything so philosophy including modernism including enlightenment they’ve they say that everything is relative everything is social everything is individual nothing you cannot construct things deconstruction post-structuralism when you come to the philosophy a group you would understand these terms that the things can you cannot make structures. Find even more good topics for essay writing at Edusson.

You cannot say the whole of Pakistan you cannot say the whole Muslims whole Muslim Ummah you cannot say the whole Europe you cannot say the whole west ok you cannot say that we have reached to the end of history and there will be now clash of civilizations and there is no civilization you cannot say that everything you can group together know everything is relative everything is not absolute everything is that group is not struck is net construction it is deconstruction it is like you know we have metabolism so there is metabolism there is catabolism interest in herbalism so catabolism dis destroy everything D synthesize Asian analyzation you analyze things you destroy things and then you construct something new so post-modernism is a very interesting theory and Etta’s means Etta’s isn’t it just ethics it does is the spirit of a culture the spirit of a society the spirit of a country that is called a tha’s so postmodern Etta’s means the after modernity after modernization after modernism the latest trend in philosophy criticism literature art that is post-modernism which is challenged even to waste because waste was talking about modernism whist was talking about enlightenment whis was talking about secularism whiss whiss was talking about separation of church and state.

But now post-modernism challenges everything so even it is a challenge to West but this is not only current to west but also to East because wrist is influencing East that’s why post-modernism is not only challenge to the West but also to the east we will discuss more in this topic it’s a very deep topic and we will go we will discuss it in the philosophy in my lectures in philosophy look to the east for a holistic progress now holistic progress holistic holism holism means are together all-inclusive comprehensive everything including that is called holistic for example as I told you the stone era then religion then philosophy in science then spirituality then again you know some people even they want to go to Stone Age you will be astonished that in the development of society now the people they want bay Stone Age they want to go to jungles they want to eat and drink and they want you know nihilism there are a lot of philosophies nihilism animalism now the people they want to leave hid own ISM there is another philosophy hedonistic approach that we just are here for pleasure enjoy be in anyone and you might have seen in.

Significant Components OF A Paragraph

What are the significant components of writing a paragraph to begin with what is a paragraph we are going to do all that in today’s class so welcome back friends we will be talking about paragraph writing how to spot keywords topic sentences signposting linking words main ideas all this in one paragraph as you already know a paragraph is the basic unit of any lengthy piece of writing so generally we don’t write just one paragraph but at our level we need to write several paragraphs but let’s begin like we have started this course with various parts of speech categorizing them we have also learned how to make sentences elements of sentences we have also seen what are how sentences combined together to make more complex varieties of sentences.

So we have been through all these and now as we move on to discuss more complex way of writing for example reports journal articles SOPs and your series we will begin with the basic unit of writing a longer piece of work so this is paragraph for us let me show you this example please look at the slide here and this I am showing you as a good example of a paragraph please read the paragraph it’s about Sir Isaac Newton mathematician and physicists one of the four almost scientific intellects of all time born at will stop near Grantham in Lincolnshire where he attended school he entered Cambridge University in 1661 he was elected a fellow of Trinity College in 1667 and Lucasian Professor of mathematics in 1669 he remained at the University lecturing in most years until 16 98 of these km radius in which Newton was at the height of his creative power he singled out 1665 to 1666 spent largely in Lincolnshire because of plague in Cambridge as the prime of my age for invention during two to three years of these mental effort he prepared philosophy naturalist principia mathematica commonly known as the Principia although this was not published until 1687 as a firm opponent of the attempt by king james ii to make the universities into Catholic institutions Newton was elected member of parliament for the University of Cambridge to the convention Parliament of 1689 and set again in 1701 to 1702 meanwhile in 1760 96 he had moved to London as warden of the Royal Mint he became master of the mint in 1699 and office he retained to his death.

He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1671 and in 1703 he became president being annually reelected for the rest of his life his major work optics appeared the next year he was knighted in Cambridge in 1705 as Newtonian science became increasingly accepted on the continent and especially after the general peace was restored in 1714 following the war of this Spanish Succession Newton became the most highly esteemed natural philosopher in Europe his last decades were past in revising his major works polishing his studies of ancient history and defending himself against critics as well as carrying out his official duties newton was modest diffident and a man of simple tastes he was angered by criticism of opposition and harbored resentment he was harsh towards enemies but generous to friends in government and at the Royal Society he proved able administrator he never married and lived modestly but was buried with great pomp in Westminster Abbey.

The Heart Of Your Essay

I’m going to talk to you about writing good body paragraphs the body paragraphs are the heart your essay. they carry the message YES, the introduction is important yes the conclusion is important but those body paragraphs are very important. so what we’re going to talk about is what makes a good body paragraph and then we’re gonna look at examples a good body paragraph that are well developed. okay first good body paragraphs have a clear topic sentence with main points to support the topic sentence sometimes a body paragraph can have two main points and sometimes can have three main points either way there’s a topic sentence with two to three main points good body paragraphs have support an explanation for the main points this is very important we make points but then we explain the importance and significance of them.

We explain the importance and use connectors to make the paragraph feel together when I say connectors I’m talking about words like firstly, secondly, in addition, moreove. I’m talking about words like and, but, so — all words that connect our ideas. all right now let’s take a look at the basic format basic format is that a body paragraph has a very clear topic sentence  I like my topic sentences short sweet and to the point. very direct once we make our topic sentence then we come up with main idea warm and then we explain we support, we give details an explanation.

We will look at an example paragraph before we look at the example paragraph however you know these words for example are used when we give examples we use words like this means when we explain things when we show affects we use words like as a resul, or so when we show causes we use words like because when we show similarities use words like similarly this is similar to and sometimes we show differences special contrast we use words like in contrast or we say this is different  and the point here is that in order to develop our thoughts we need to give examples we need to explain what we mean we need to show affects maybe show causes if it’s appropriate show similarities when when it’s appropriate and we show differences but the idea is that we don’t make a statement without developing it so we’re going to do is we’re going to look at a paragraph about solar panels.

I wanna make sure you do know what solar panels are  and solar panels are these things that go on top of the roof of a house. group the people’s house and many people are using solar panels to people save a lot of electricity by using solar energy and to actually create their own small business so here’s a little bit a background about but the paragraph is going to be about now here’s a body paragraph and I’m telling you now it’s underdeveloped you can look at the word count its works but let’s look at what’s good about it for a second first you can see clear topic sentence putting solar panels in your home can help you save money so this whole paragraph is gonna be about solar panels in saving money.

Customer Needs – How Do Businesses Identify Them? 

Customer Needs – How Do Businesses Identify Them? 


  • Most small to medium sized businesses will have to rely on secondary market research to gain a better understanding of their target customer. Then, in order to assess the customer needs, they analyze the information they have gathered to determine the following:
  • Customer demographic:
      • gender
      • age
      • marital status
      • disposable income
      • occupation
  • Inferences can then be made about what compels them to buy. How do they make the purchase decision?
      • Family pressure
      • Social needs
      • Budgeting pressures
  • Trends can be identified in data gathered to make an assessment on how the customer prefers to buy:
      • Online shopping
      • Phone shopping
      • Physical shopping
      • Are decisions impulsive or are they considered?

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  • Using the demographic information gathered, business can determine what customers are likely to spend their money on.  For example, considering their age, gender, occupation and disposable income, altogether might indicate a need for luxury goods. If nothing else, small businesses can ask their existing customers what it is that the need.
  • Once customer needs are established, this information can be used in all parts of the business to increase profitability. Specifically:
  • Marketing
      • Getting the product mix right
      • Refining the sales channel
      • Setting the right price point
      • Determining the best way to communicate the marketing message
      • Setting an appropriate marketing budget
  • Procurement
      • Knowing what products will sell
      • Planning your range of products
      • knowing how much stock will sell, and therefore how much you need to pre-order or hold
  • Merchandising
      • Visibly displaying your product for maximum sales
  • The key to keeping up to date with customer needs is to make a regular habit of communicating with existing customers to find out how you can satisfy their needs and if that may have changed. Additionally, business should set up recording systems for this information and ways to interpret the feedback. Business should also regularly refer to this information when making decisions about marketing, procurement, merchandising and selling.
  • Determining customer needs is a critical step in building a successful business. Taking the time to do this will go a long way to ensuring business growth. Customer needs change over time so we recommend that businesses revisit their analysis on a semi regular basis. It’s important not to be afraid to change things should the research indicate this may be required. Small changes here and there may be all that is required to ensure that customer needs continue to be met.

The Basics of Vocational Education Training

The Basics of Vocational Education Training

Economies all around the world are changing into knowledge based economies. With the fundamentals of the world changing rapidly with the adjustments in technology, it is important for a person to have specialization in a specific area to be able to find a lucrative job.

Such form of specialization is imparted by professional education training institutions. Within the areas of health, art, technology and business management, vocational education is normally imparted. The class of the styles is more done into other specific courses.

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  1. An important number of students, equally non-college-bound and college-bound, are experiential students who’ll learn academic skills most useful from developing them in a career or software context.
  2. Delaying the career or application context after grade 12 lowers motivation and learning achievement for several experiential learners.
  3. Vocational understanding is crucial to the financial health of our nation.

Consider these characteristics of experiential learners:

They often don’t work with their potential in the somewhat abstract-linear atmosphere of conventional classes.

They learn academic skills most useful from concrete tasks and a focus on real-life problems.

They’re usually as or maybe more capable of advanced learning than conventional learners.

So, lacking professional or job learning possibilities is really a major detriment to the many experiential pupils in just about any school population.

Advantages of Vocational and Occupation Education

When powerful vocational learning options can be found in a school district, they present these advantages:

1.Too few policy-makers have given adequate focus on a significant weakness to education system – – not enough inclusion of a strong program component in learning programs.

2.Job pursuit helps many students to explore more information and dedicated options on college enrolment. Students frequently uncover the career path they love and tend to be more motivated to pursue university study.

Career framework makes subjects and programs more meaningful to students. Request increases the strength of understanding through vocational courses.

Essay Writing – 7 Easy to Follow Steps

Essay Writing – 7 Easy to Follow Steps

Writing essays, pieces of writing and research thesis may sometimes look to require more study background and skills. Of course, essay writing services such as essay for me and essay helper have the great expertise in the way of writing. What to tag along, there are a number of tips for preparing an essay:

  1. Separate the some components of the process related to the essay: research, stimulation, organizing concepts, editing, and writing.
  2. Enlist the points (10-20 items). Simply make a note of phrases, keyphrases, concise explanations, questions, photos and no matter what relates to the subject (the major essay subject). And then get together in big structure the ideas that can be linked.
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  3. Create an essay composition (template): title, initial paragraph, background, argument of scope, theory statement (or the main sentences), development of concepts (with as a minimum three major points and less important points), and ending (summary lines). All the encouraging paragraphs of the central body must have a great association, that is to say: topic sentence, proof, explanation, and closing sentence. Essays have a lot of objectives, but the essential structure is the similar.
  4. Focus on the special parts: first of all, write the major body, then the initial lines, the title and the ending lines. And expand these parts: use always actual and patent examples to show authenticity of your thesis.
  5. Edit and get through the paragraphs. Realize the reasonable linkage among the paragraphs and make use of suitable transitional keywords. Introductory things for example “In fact”, “Similarly important”, “All points considered”… are some “extra benefits” as they reveal knowledge of the bookish language. In simple words, the essay has to flow efficiently.
  6. Check the consistency or the logic of the improvement, showing if the theory statement is working as a unifying flash.
  7. Read again to check any grammatical error.