What Can You Do About Edusson Right Now

Creative Writing Exercises to focus on purposes and types of writing, including:

•Writing to Entertain: Cartoon Strip
•Writing to Entertain: Horoscope
•Writing to Entertain: Poetry
•Writing to Inform: Recipe of Me
•Writing to Inform: Quick Messages/Notes
•Writing to Persuade: Personal Advertisement

Sentence Construction Activities focused on writing clean, succinct sentences that make sense:
•Sentence Structure
•Main and Subordinate Clauses
•Simple and Compound Sentences
•Punctuating Sentences
•Expanding Sentences
•Sentence Variety
•Sentence Combining
•Using Modifiers

Paragraph Construction Activities to help students develop focused and coherent paragraphs:
•Paragraph Structure and Formatting
•Developing Paragraph Details
•Types of Writing
•Writing Thesis Statements
•Writing Introductions
•Writing Conclusions and more!

Preparing for Formal Writing through whole-class and small group Activities:
•Structure of the Essay
•Evaluating Essays
•Verbal Discussion of Ideas
•Organizing Ideas
•Writing Group Essays

Evaluating Model and Non-Model Essays with:
•What Should an Essay Look Like?
•Peer-Editing and Evaluation Activities
•Sample Model and Non-Model Essays

Preparing for Individual Writing with:
•Verbal Discussion of Ideas
•Writing Thesis Statements
•Individual Organization of Thoughts
•Pre-Writing Process
•Writing Individual Essays

Resources, Tips, and Hints, including:
•Using a Dictionary and Thesaurus
•Reading an Essay Prompt
•Essay Templates
•Show, Don’t Tell
•Using Idioms
•Precise Word Choice
•Vivid Verbs
•Misspelled and Confusing Words
•Plus 15 Essays for Evaluation!

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This resource was created for beginning 5 paragraph essay writers, but can be modified for 3-4 paragraph essays. These cards are a checklist meant to help students remember the format for an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph.

The checklists include reminders to include a hook, main idea, topic sentences, text evidence, and transition sentences. They encourage the “ACE” format of including text evidence- giving an answer/idea, citing a source, and explaining that citation.

In my 4th grade classroom, I cut the cards, laminate them, and put them on a ring as a fun and handy writer’s workshop resource. Students can use dry erase markers to check off each item as they are drafting, or in the revision stage. There are also black and white versions that can be printed and copied as writable checklists.