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Customer Needs – How Do Businesses Identify Them? 

Customer Needs – How Do Businesses Identify Them? 


  • Most small to medium sized businesses will have to rely on secondary market research to gain a better understanding of their target customer. Then, in order to assess the customer needs, they analyze the information they have gathered to determine the following:
  • Customer demographic:
      • gender
      • age
      • marital status
      • disposable income
      • occupation
  • Inferences can then be made about what compels them to buy. How do they make the purchase decision?
      • Family pressure
      • Social needs
      • Budgeting pressures
  • Trends can be identified in data gathered to make an assessment on how the customer prefers to buy:
      • Online shopping
      • Phone shopping
      • Physical shopping
      • Are decisions impulsive or are they considered?

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  • Using the demographic information gathered, business can determine what customers are likely to spend their money on.  For example, considering their age, gender, occupation and disposable income, altogether might indicate a need for luxury goods. If nothing else, small businesses can ask their existing customers what it is that the need.
  • Once customer needs are established, this information can be used in all parts of the business to increase profitability. Specifically:
  • Marketing
      • Getting the product mix right
      • Refining the sales channel
      • Setting the right price point
      • Determining the best way to communicate the marketing message
      • Setting an appropriate marketing budget
  • Procurement
      • Knowing what products will sell
      • Planning your range of products
      • knowing how much stock will sell, and therefore how much you need to pre-order or hold
  • Merchandising
      • Visibly displaying your product for maximum sales
  • The key to keeping up to date with customer needs is to make a regular habit of communicating with existing customers to find out how you can satisfy their needs and if that may have changed. Additionally, business should set up recording systems for this information and ways to interpret the feedback. Business should also regularly refer to this information when making decisions about marketing, procurement, merchandising and selling.
  • Determining customer needs is a critical step in building a successful business. Taking the time to do this will go a long way to ensuring business growth. Customer needs change over time so we recommend that businesses revisit their analysis on a semi regular basis. It’s important not to be afraid to change things should the research indicate this may be required. Small changes here and there may be all that is required to ensure that customer needs continue to be met.

The Basics of Vocational Education Training

The Basics of Vocational Education Training

Economies all around the world are changing into knowledge based economies. With the fundamentals of the world changing rapidly with the adjustments in technology, it is important for a person to have specialization in a specific area to be able to find a lucrative job.

Such form of specialization is imparted by professional education training institutions. Within the areas of health, art, technology and business management, vocational education is normally imparted. The class of the styles is more done into other specific courses.

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  1. An important number of students, equally non-college-bound and college-bound, are experiential students who’ll learn academic skills most useful from developing them in a career or software context.
  2. Delaying the career or application context after grade 12 lowers motivation and learning achievement for several experiential learners.
  3. Vocational understanding is crucial to the financial health of our nation.

Consider these characteristics of experiential learners:

They often don’t work with their potential in the somewhat abstract-linear atmosphere of conventional classes.

They learn academic skills most useful from concrete tasks and a focus on real-life problems.

They’re usually as or maybe more capable of advanced learning than conventional learners.

So, lacking professional or job learning possibilities is really a major detriment to the many experiential pupils in just about any school population.

Advantages of Vocational and Occupation Education

When powerful vocational learning options can be found in a school district, they present these advantages:

1.Too few policy-makers have given adequate focus on a significant weakness to education system – – not enough inclusion of a strong program component in learning programs.

2.Job pursuit helps many students to explore more information and dedicated options on college enrolment. Students frequently uncover the career path they love and tend to be more motivated to pursue university study.

Career framework makes subjects and programs more meaningful to students. Request increases the strength of understanding through vocational courses.

Essay Writing – 7 Easy to Follow Steps

Essay Writing – 7 Easy to Follow Steps

Writing essays, pieces of writing and research thesis may sometimes look to require more study background and skills. Of course, essay writing services such as essay for me and essay helper have the great expertise in the way of writing. What to tag along, there are a number of tips for preparing an essay:

  1. Separate the some components of the process related to the essay: research, stimulation, organizing concepts, editing, and writing.
  2. Enlist the points (10-20 items). Simply make a note of phrases, keyphrases, concise explanations, questions, photos and no matter what relates to the subject (the major essay subject). And then get together in big structure the ideas that can be linked.
    READ: Essay about How to Find Great New (Inspirational) Music
  3. Create an essay composition (template): title, initial paragraph, background, argument of scope, theory statement (or the main sentences), development of concepts (with as a minimum three major points and less important points), and ending (summary lines). All the encouraging paragraphs of the central body must have a great association, that is to say: topic sentence, proof, explanation, and closing sentence. Essays have a lot of objectives, but the essential structure is the similar.
  4. Focus on the special parts: first of all, write the major body, then the initial lines, the title and the ending lines. And expand these parts: use always actual and patent examples to show authenticity of your thesis.
  5. Edit and get through the paragraphs. Realize the reasonable linkage among the paragraphs and make use of suitable transitional keywords. Introductory things for example “In fact”, “Similarly important”, “All points considered”… are some “extra benefits” as they reveal knowledge of the bookish language. In simple words, the essay has to flow efficiently.
  6. Check the consistency or the logic of the improvement, showing if the theory statement is working as a unifying flash.
  7. Read again to check any grammatical error.

Essay about How to Find Great New (Inspirational) Music

Essay about How to Find Great New (Inspirational) Music

Music is life to many people. It forms such a huge impact on the way you think, act, and experience emotion.  Not only are you at liberty to choose what music we want to listen to (for free may I add), but you also have more music available to you than anyone ever in history.  Music overload is on our hands!

One of the differences between today and yesterday is that in the past music moved much more by word of mouth. We all had that friend who said: “Hey, I just heard so and so, you should take a listen!”  And because this person was your friend, you acted nice and listened to it, starting a spiral where he thought you were actually as enthused about it as he was.  No, you weren’t.

The other less obtrusive (yet just as totalitarian) way to get introduced to new music was to hear a new song on the radio.  Yeah, the radio, you remember that thing with dial where you had your choice between 4 or 5 mediocre, ad-ridden stations that cycled the same songs every 4 hours?   Those days are thankfully over.  Goodbye.

Now I actually buy more music than I did in the past.  With all the music piracy out there (which by the way, I am totally against), how is it that when things are free that I actually choose to pay for them?  Simple:  I know what I am buying is good. Such a simple statement, but now I’m not spending twenty dollars on a CD and crossing my fingers hoping it will be good.

Image courtesy: Edusson.com

Here’s some great ways for you to find new music for yourself without anyone having to pitch it to you:

Amazon has a great service that recommends you artists that have either a similar style of music or artists that are bought by the same people, no matter how different their style.

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Here’s an example:

Dave Brubeck’s Greatest Hits vs. Nightwish – Dark Passion Play

Note the differences here. Dave Brubeck is classy and relatively popular. Amazon recommends you a ton of either classy and/or relatively popular material.  You can listen to samples of the music on the site where the CD or the MP3s are found.  Nightwish is one of the more popular of female-fronted heavy metal, one of the least eccentric genre’s of heavy metal, but still relatively specialized.  Notice because of the audience that listens to that type of music, Amazon recommends a ton of other female-fronted heavy metal albums.  Amazon is actually the service I use the most to find loads of new music.

Pandora is a good service to use as well if you live in the US (it is not available outside the US).  Type in the name of a song or an artist you like, and it will basically choose songs and artists that you may find interesting.  The way this works is that people vote for the songs that come up if they like them, encouraging Pandora to play, say, Eric Clapton for people who like Jimi Hendrix.  If you don’t like the song that comes up, simply disapprove of it and move on.  Easy.

Other sites that you might find interesting are Last.fm and Stumble Audio, who both use more or less the same principles as Pandora.

Don’t be a music victim any longer! Play an active role in what you listen to and never be someone else’s music guinea pig again!  There is too much out there to enjoy.

When you write an essay for your blog, your article must capture the attention of readers. Thank you for reading! Waiting for your comments!

Singing Lessons For Kids

Singing Lessons For Kids

Children learn from an early age using what they see, hear, taste, feel and touch as learning opportunities. In fact, even babies begin learning tunes by mimicking sounds and tones they hear. When babies are exposed to music early and learn to carry a good tune at that age, they grow up being better at using their voices. If you’re thinking of getting your child trained formally, use these tips to find the best singing lessons for kids:

Look for a ‘fun’ way to learn.

Singing lessons for kids, particularly young ones should be fun and enjoyable. Music can be a wonderful experience; if it becomes too much of a chore, the student might lose interest right away. Most schools will offer individual or group classes. Groups are usually wonderful learning environments for your child, allowing him or her to interact and work with other children. Individual lessons, on the other hand, offer less distractions and let the student focus on developing his own personal voice. Ask your child which type of environment he prefers. If he likes his class, he will learn quite well.

Look for a school or instructor that teaches a specific genre of music.

If your child prefers classical music, there are teachers who offer classes that focus on this genre. There are also teachers who teach singing lessons to help children sing a variety of music from classical to pop to jazz. When looking for singing lessons for kids, make sure to choose a school that offers lessons from certified music instructors. These people are trained not just in teaching music but also in recognizing and nurturing talent. Try to observe a session to see for yourself how the instructor interacts with the students. You may also bring your child with you so he can experience the teaching style of a potential music teacher. If he’s comfortable and/or excited, it may be a good fit for his learning style and personality.

Lessons for kids younger than 9 may be different from those used for older kids.

Younger kids are usually trained to ‘hear’ and recognize music — notes, scales and rhythm. Older kids will often be introduced to refining vocal techniques. Often, teachers will wait for young male students to undergo the voice change that occurs during puberty before they are taught lessons that focus on vocalizations and other techniques. This is so that the student is able to maximize his new potential and not waste time and effort on a vocal ability that may later change anyway.

Have your child join a singing group.

Singing lessons for kids don’t always have to consist of formal lessons. Your child could still get quality training from singing groups such as your local children’s choir or musical theater. These groups often have a dedicated trainer that teaches the kids basic techniques in singing. Because singing performances tend to undergo regular practice sessions, your child learns to hone his or her voice. The fact that these groups also perform will also help your child to refine their vocal expression skills in front of an audience.

How To Sing Better

How To Sing Better

It takes hard work and practice to learn how to sing better. Many people believe that you must be naturally endowed with singing talent and that you must be born with it. It is partially true that great singers are born with it. However, it is possible with consistent practice, sincerity and hard work to nurture this art and become above average singer.

Here are a few tips on how to sing better.

First, you must identify your voice type and what classification it falls under. For instance, for male singers it can be tenor, baritone, countertenor or bass. If you are female you should be able to tell whether your voice is contralto, mezzo-soprano or soprano. Voice type classification depends on such aspects as your voice texture, weight, color, timbre and the vocal range, etc. This calls for a visit to a proper vocal coach who understands the fundamentals of learning how to sing better who will explain to you all this expressions before proceeding with practical singing lessons.

Tone is a very important aspect of music.

In learning how to sing better, you need also need to identify your vocal tone. This means that you have to be aware of the tone quality you produce when you embark on singing. Vocal tone varies from one singer to another. When you understand your vocal tone, you will be able to select the kind of music and songs that are most suitable for your voice especially if you are to attend an audition or talent search competitions. Ascertaining, appreciating and diligent use of your vocal tone will transform you into an intelligent and better singer.

It is vital to learn how to sing better in an open voice.

This implies that there will be no whispering, singing in a closed voice or cloaking. This is not the right way to sing since it has the risk of damaging your vocal chords. This is very important and worth much consideration if you intend to become a better singer. There are three strictures of an open voice with different roles to play in an open voice. These include velum, broad jawline and diaphragm. How all this works is better understood from your vocal trainer.

In learning how to sing better, you must understand how to use body language and motor skills. This will greatly help you to sing with an open voice and better expression if you are capable of breeding freedom from within. This implies that as a performing artiste you should let yourself go free. This is freedom from all mental, physiological and emotional restraints. It makes a world of difference in the presentation of a performing artiste if he or she is completely untroubled and unrestricted.

Practice makes perfect and this is still the in learning how to sing better.

A person may be gifted with a great voice and potential natural talent but nurturing, polishing and cultivating that raw talent with consistent practice will transform that person into a great artiste. It needs time, effort and devotion to practice your vocal exercises and singing lessons. The internet will be a great help to aspiring artistes for it has plenty of applications and software they can make use of in practicing how to sing better and test their vocal aptitude.

Singing Tips

Singing Tips

The voice is one of the easiest instruments to use because it is your own natural.

This instrument is the easiest instrument to take care of however it requires the most care. It is the most important musical tool because it is a part of you and so the decisions you make will affect you and your vocal ability which will affect your singing as well. Here are some tips that will keep you singing well and will keep your voice running at its definite best.

The most important thing that you can do is to not smoke.

Smoking will single-handedly bring you down in more ways than one. Not only will it ruin your voice but it will also over time cause much illness and possibly even kill you. Most smokers will end in a death that is related to their smoking habits. As far as voice is concerned, the first thing that smoking does is that it will ruin your lung capacity making it hard to breathe in and harder to hold out notes or to sing them out. Your notes will go from being long and smooth to being short and choppy.


Smoking will also deepen your vocals and make them very scratchy.

It will especially ruin the vocal ability of tenor males and soprano and alto female singers. It makes you have to also push down really hard on your voice to make anything sound at all pleasant. Not smoking will definitely be one of your keys to success in singing.

Another thing that would be beneficial to you would be to stay lubricated by drinking constant fluids and keeping yourself hydrated. This simply keeps your voice from drying out and keeps the voice feeling fresh. The important thing to remember with this is also not to drink anything too hot or too cold especially before singing because both will constrict the vocal cords due to the temperature of the liquids and make the sounds that you produce come out sounding awkward and uneven. It will also make you strain your voice and that will damage your voice over time.

Practicing is good but over practicing can be really bad for you.

It will also leave you with a painful sore throat most times. This can include overdoing the time that you are using to practice your singing and it can also include pushing for notes that are too high or too low. This can also include shouting. These will all damage the voice over time in the long-term but in the short-term will cause pain and will also cause unnecessary stress to your vocal chords. The last thing that can be recommended is the right amount of practice. Exercising the vocal chords is just like exercising the body. It will keep it tuned and it will also ensure that you know what you are singing and that you know your music well. This will ensure that you will always do your very best. Hope you enjoy singing tips article here.

How To Sing Good

How To Sing Good

If you have dreams of becoming a great singer, the process might be easier than you think. Many people will have you believe that singing takes years of expensive lessons, and that if you didn’t start studying voice at the age of 7 months, that right now you have very little chance of ever being considered a good singer.

Many people will also tell you that if you can’t read music, then you will never learn to sing. The final myth that you hear all the time is that unless you are naturally born with an “ear” for tone and pitch, you’ll never be a good singer.

But even if you’ve never studied music, never studied singing, can’t naturally hear pitch, didn’t sing like Enya in the womb, and can’t read Beethoven’s music, you can learn how to sing good if it’s something that you really want to do. All you have to do is learn a few basic tips, and practice as much as you possibly can.

No one will be calling you the next Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, of course, but you will be able to improve your singing much faster, and much easier than you ever thought possible. These simple steps will likely have you singing 10 times better than you do right now in a matter of 2 weeks. People will be shocked.

Categorize Your Sound

There are 2 different voices that people have. Men are considered to have a full voice (the lower pitches), and a falsetto voice (the higher pitches). For women the lower pitches are called the chest voice, and the higher pitches are called the head voice.

Pick Your Music

First you want to just choose a lick of music to practice with. This can be anything from a commercial that you happen to know the words to, or a minute’s worth of your favorite song. Don’t worry if you don’t sound good at first. Just write down the words and sing them however you can.


Next notice how you’re forming each and every word you are singing as you sing. Are you starting to hear something weird? Listen to the original piece of music, and see if you are forming the words in the same way that the singer is.

Make sure you are forming your vowel sounds correctly. Many times, incorrect sound is produced when you pronounce vowels wrong while you’re singing.

Make sure that you are also enunciating your consonants properly. Pronouncing words right is a huge part of singing properly. You may have been thinking that you were unable to hit a note, when the real issue was simply your pronunciation.

Breath Properly

Next you want to check your breathing. When you are breathing from your diaphragm, you want to fill your stomach up while you’re taking in air. Then when you are releasing air, while you sing, your stomach should be getting smaller. In this way, you are breathing from the lowest part of your abdominal area to sing, and that is where you have a larger store of breath. If you just breathe from your chest, you will not have enough strength to hit most notes.


When you practice your singing, you don’t have to dedicate 12 hours a day to voice exercises, annoying every member of your household. You can even just work with your voice for 5 minutes a day and you will still make improvements, (though it is recommended that you aim for at least 10 minutes or more each day). Practice also doesn’t have to be hard. It will often be very easy. Just realize that all you are doing is using the muscles that control your voice. When you use them more, you will naturally sing better.